About Wholepeace

It is my intention to use this blog to explore ideas about what it means to be human.  My observations are my own.

I believe that every one of us goes through a similar process of interacting and observing the world around us, making choices, and creating meaning from those interactions, observations and choices.  There are three aspects to this process that I will explore in this blog.  In “No Particular Path” I will look at the general process by which humans make the choices that construct their lives.  “A God of Infinite Possibility” will consider the choices we make about what we believe.  “PeaceAble” will look at the problem of peace: what it would mean to us, whether it is achievable, and what the individual can do.

I, of course, invite your comments in response to my posts and to others’ comments about them; but I ask that all responses should make an effort to be thoughtful, to talk only about your own ideas and how you have arrived at them, and to refrain from all forms of name-calling, disparagement or dismissal of others’ ideas, self-righteousness, and the parroting of opinions or claims that you have not yourself explored or thoughtfully considered.


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